Covid-19 Fund Raiser

The number of people in Ireland with Covid 19 that will need intensive care and of other medical assistance will increase day by day.

Would you ever choose between saving your
Grandparents lives or your Parents lives?          

Would you ever choose between saving your
Parents lives or your Brothers’ or Sisters’ lives?

This is what has happened in hospitals in Italy.

Doctors had to decide which patients with
Covid-19 to treat and which ones not to treat.   And all of this because of shortage of intensive care beds and/or medical equipment and supplies

The awful Italian experience was that the older  you were the less chance you had to be treated.

We are Annaoliva and Vanessa Durigon. We are Italian sisters living and running our own online business, here in Ireland and we want to help Irish hospitals to combat Covid-19.
Irish doctors and nurses will find themselves in a very unique, overwhelming, never seen before emergency situation.

When this happened in Italy, Italians were left alone and they started to create funds to buy intensive care beds, medical equipment and
supplies to help doctors and nurses save lives.

Ireland has given us so much. And now through this unbelievable period it is time for us to give back and to do something useful.

We decided to open this fund raising with our own donation of € 3,000 to help all Irish hospitals face this Corona virus crisis.

We are here to ask you for your donations.  Please donate as much or as little as you can. Every little bit will help the doctors and nurses
combat this deadly virus.

Save your Grandmothers and Grandfathers, save your Mums and Dads, save your Sons and Daughters.

Make sure that all of them will have a chance to make  DONATE NOW !it.