Ideal for working from home

Fashion for women, great for working from home.

The SHAPEMODA™ trouser range is perfect for working from home in, what with all those business video calls you're now doing instead of going into the office. Now you don't have to just dress from the waist up. Our black trousers are wrinkle free and super comfortable. When things get back to normal and we begin traveling again for both work and pleasure you'll be glad you have a pair of Shapemoda trousers in your wardrobe because they really are the ideal travelling companion. Whether you choose to wear them during your journey or pack them away in your luggage, you can be confident that they'll look fresh and perfectly shaped even after hours of travelling. This is thanks to the incredible fabrics used from our master tailors in Italy and the attention to detail throughout the production and quality control phase. This process ensures each garment more than exceeds our expectations, giving you the high quality product you'd expect from SHAPEMODA™