Buy right, buy once: get the perfect trousers for your shape

Buy right, buy once: get the perfect trousers for your shape

“They are the go-to trousers, the ones that can be worn on every occasion,” says Vanessa Durigon, co-founder of the Shapemoda trousers brand, which she created along with her sister Annaoliva.

“You are buying a pair of trousers that dresses your body shape. You save money in the long run because buying better quality trousers means they last longer than the cheaper alternatives.”

The Durigon sisters founded their brand on the ethos that, “Comfort and being well-dressed should always go hand in hand. One should not exclude the other.”

Buy once and buy right is their advice. We are all feeling that economic pinch, something that makes us really careful about what we are spending. And when we need to buy a new pair of trousers, most of us have started to set a clear goal of choosing quality instead of quantity.

“We are two Italian sisters, we do really believe in quality cuts,” says Durigon. “So much so that we based our entire business idea on clothing made with quality fabric and cuts that dress for the five major female body shapes.”

The right pair of trousers that dresses your specific body shape can boost your confidence levels, give the look that best complements your shape, and in the long run save you a lot of money over buying the badly fitted clothes that you end up being unhappy with and not wearing.

“My sister Annaoliva and I came up with a fashion idea – making clothing for the body shape and not just for size and style. The mistake most high street shops make is that they believe that one style in various sizes suits all.

“This is not the case. Size and shape are two totally different things. What determines a great look is never about size and always about shape and balancing that shape,” says Durigon.

“Annaoliva and I decided to end the tyranny of standardised clothes sizes that are, quite literally, not fit for purpose. So what most of us end up doing is to buy lots of different things that really do not fit us properly but end up staying in our wardrobes for a long time.”


Dressing for your body shape is the best solution for both your confidence and your wallet. After conducting street surveys in Ireland the Durigon sisters found that 42 per cent of women have an hourglass body shape, with hips and shoulders of a similar width and a visible waist.

The second most typical shape is the apple-shaped woman, with a round waistline, slim legs and a small bottom. The third most typical form is pear-shaped, women with a defined waist and wider hips. Then candle-shaped women have shoulders, waist and hips of the same dimension. And last, the fifth body type is a strawberry-shaped woman, with larger shoulders, athletic body and well-defined legs.

“We then designed trousers that contour the body, creating a level of customisation that accentuate the positive aspects of each shape.”

Shapemoda’s bestselling trousers are the slim legs, which cost €115. A straight leg trouser style (€149) is a new addition, after taking on board customer feedback and requests for another option with pockets.

The trousers are of high quality, designed by the sisters in Ireland, with fabric sourced in Milan and manufacturing in Treviso. “The textile is a jersey made with elastane and Lycra,” adds Annaoliva Durigon, “so whilst looking dressy, they also feel super comfy and drape beautifully. We know good fabric. These can wash at 40 degrees and there is no ironing or tumble drying required. You can wear them two or three times a week and throw them in the wash, and they don’t lose their shape or their colour for years.

“Our customers tend to go down a size. That’s because we have taken away fabric inches from where they are not needed and redrawn the standard pattern to suit each shape in question. Hip size, bottom size and leg size all need to be factored in.”

She says customers are extremely happy with the fit once they try a trouser cut specifically for their body shape. “The result is simply extraordinary.”

Shapemoda trousers come in a variety of colours: classic blue, taupe and green. “Not only does each garment fit well, but these wardrobe staples are a great money saving solution in the long term, offering sharp dressing with form-fitting but comfortable wear suitable for every occasion. Annaoliva adds that Shapemoda trousers are versatile.

“If a woman is going to work, they work with flat shoes and at night you can put on a high heels for dinner or cocktails. They also look great with a lovely pair of summery opened-toed boots.” The business is online and features a quick questionnaire that enables you to establish in seconds which body shape you are. If you want to buy exactly the right fit for your body shape, click on

This article was written by Vanessa Durigon

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