"The New Revolutionary way of Shopping for Clothing"

 Shapemoda body shape mannequins bring the five women’s body shapes to life.

These five body shape mannequins are:

1) Apple mannequin: made with a fuller stomach, slim legs and a small bottom.

2) Candle mannequin: made with a straight body line where the shoulders, waist and hips have the same width.

3) Hourglass mannequin: made with the shoulders and hips of the same width and with a smaller waist.

4) Pear mannequin: made with a smaller upper body, bigger hips and a really small waist.

5) Strawberry mannequin: made with bigger shoulders and muscly legs. It shows a naturally athletic look.


My sister and I patented the 5 body shape mannequins around the world.

When a woman comes to our Shapemoda studio here in Dublin and stands in front of our body shape mannequins, it has been our experience that she recognises her own body shape in seconds.

Believe me when I say how beautiful and rewarding it is for us to see their self-discovery journey happen right in front of us time after time.



Since we created the body shape mannequins and implemented the principal of shopping for your body shape, our returns are now minimal. The general fashion companies around the globe have a return rate of between 30% to 40%, our Shapemoda rate is only 7%, a staggering yet wonderful fact.

Size and style are two steps to buy clothing. The third step of buying clothing is for your body shape and it's this one that is most important because it's what gives you the perfect fit and makes women happy.

Be part of Shapemoda's the new way of shopping.



If you'd like anymore information regarding our Patented Body Shape Mannequins or require any assistance, don't hesitate to reach out.