What are SHAPEMODA™ Trousers ?

Trousers sold in almost all shops have only one style and are manufactured with the same STANDARD CUT throughout the size range. Those trousers fit well for the most part, but let's face it, none of us are the same size across the waist, tummy, bum and thigh.
The majority of us will spend years searching for the perfect fit and even then those ranges all come to an end at some point and the search begins again.
This is why SHAPEMODA™ was created. We decided to design and manufacture five different shapes and cuts of trousers that can deliver what we've all been craving. The perfect trouser fit for every woman, everywhere.
Shapemoda offer five different styles of trouser that dress the five major body shapes of ladies giving that perfect fit. 

The five female body shapes are 


APPLE SHAPE  Your best asset is your slim legs and your challenge is a fuller waist. 


CANDLE SHAPE You're an easy fit with equal dimensions and would welcome curves in the right places. 


HOURGLASS SHAPE You have one of the most desirable body shapes and your perfect fit isn't as easy as everyone thinks. 


PEAR SHAPE Your best asset is your small waist and your hips can present a challenge.


STRAWBERRY SHAPE You posses a natural athletic shape and your muscly legs can be a challenge to fit. 

    We want you to look and feel your best and this has been our motivation 
    throughout our journey that brought us to this point.
    Boost your confidence, comfort and attitude with something as simple as a pair or trousers.
    We've had customers refer to them as "magic pants" and we'd tend to agree with them.