Fashion Tips

Fashion Tips

This fashion tip is very close to my heart. When in doubt, go with something stand out, that's what I say! It can be as simple as wearing a bright pair of shoes or as straight forward as choosing the right shade of lipstick. 

The beautiful thing about our SHAPEMODA trousers is the fact that they are a classic wardrobe staple and the perfect thing to accessories your wardrobe, oh and that black is a real true black that will never fade.

It's the attractive shape of a good pair of fitted trousers is what will have people staring.

To give people an excuse to turn away and have them stare at something else may we suggest a bright coloured high heeled shoe or a classic vintage bright red lipstick. You cannot go wrong with striking red lipstick. Red is a life-saving color. One should always own something in red like comfortable runners, hot heels, a luxurious handbag, funky jacket, or a nice shirt. When you are feeling too lazy to style for an evening out with friends, then put on any outfit and apply the red shade on your lips. You can totally rock with this look, but make sure you have got the red shade according to the undertone of your skin. Red is a legendary colour and can instantly boost your confidence.

Some of the nicest customer photos we've had sent in to us here at SHAPEMODA have been customers simply rocking a pair of our trousers with there fave pair of shoes and simple top.

We love it when customers tag us in their instagram stories and 9 times out of 10 we will alway repost and share those looks so don't forget to tag us !  

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