Pop-Up Shop in Dublin

Pop-Up Shop in Dublin

That's right ladies, Shapemoda are back in Dublin at Swords Pavilions showing off some of our new women's fashion designs from the 22nd of September through to the 5th of October inclusive.

We're bringing with us all five of our classic shaped trousers in a range of new colors specially designed for the five women's body shapes. We'll also will be treating you all to one of the first looks at our new fitted women's jackets.

The Jackets we'll be showing off are the jackets that are designed for the hourglass body shape. We started off running a full production run of this particular shape simply because we knew that over 42% of Irish women have the Hourglass body shape and we wanted to have a full size run ready for you to try.

Shapemoda products are all handmade in Italy, one by one, by hand, thanks to an incredible team of ladies who are quite simply, "Italy's finest seamstresses."

womens fitted and shaped black trousers for each body shape


The attention to detail combined with the quality of our fabrics is second to none. whoever thought such a simple garment could have so much love and devotion poured into it.....We did!

We're currently working hard on a bit of a secret project that we will tell you more about at the pop up shop when we see later this month, but to give you an sneaky idea, we're working on an incredible range of women's fitted leggings ( panta-leggings ) ...That's not even a word! These are going to blow you away.

These leggins are nothing like anything else out there on the market.

We've used only the finest materials as well as individual finishing details like Italian lace and belts. Each pair of Shapemoda leggings we be available n all the  different body shape ranges ( Apple Body Shape, Pear Body Shape, Strawberry Body Shape, Candle and Hourglass Body Shape) . Each one will have their very own shape, details, cuts, curves and designs ques that set them apart to both all the other Shapemoda body shape trousers and leggings but as well as all other women's leggings currently on the market today.


Women's office suits and clothing
Its also that time of year that we're all getting back to work. The offices around Dublin and across the whole of Ireland are finally opening back up as things get back to normal.
Our fitted trousers and jackets will make the ideal suit combo for an impeccable power dressing outfit.
With custom fitted fabrics and body shape lines you no longer have to dress according to your size, you can now shop for your body shape.
As you know these are two very different things.

"Your size is not your Body Shape".

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