Italian Fashion Designers

Italian Fashion Designers


Italy has been renowned for its high-quality craftsmanship, sharp tailoring and luxury designs since way back to the 11th century. The manufacturing and export of fashionable items is an integral part of the country's economy.


As you may or may not know Vanessa & Anna left their home country to set up SHAPEMODA here in Ireland with the intention of making some waves, but they had no idea it would of lead them down the path that they are currently on.

Fashion has long formed part of Italian culture, playing a key role in the country’s society and lifestyle. Although historically, Italian fashion has focused on quality and design, the last decade has seen a shift towards fast fashion following the economic downturn. However, with rising concerns about climate change and pollution in recent years, Italian people are starting to balance their love of fashion with a far more sustainable mindset.

We truly believe that the women's fashion industry, and men's for that matter,  need to take a long hard look at the way that it operates and markets it's wears.



Here at Shapemoda we have colossal plans for the next 5 years, but it all starts with the simple basics of "quality over quantity". Things like disposable women's leggings, trousers, jackets and other women's items of clothing have to be fazed out and replaced with the mentality of buying something of quality. Yes it's always going to be slightly more expensive, but in the long run the savings can be huge and most importantly, you're supporting the "real" fashion industry and not the "giant machine" that is pumping our poor quality cheap clothing just to turn a massive profit.



All of our clothing lines are, and will always be, handmade in Italy and meticulously designed here in Ireland, most importantly, always designed with the five body shapes of women in mind because as you know,



The Apple Body fit

The Pear Body Fit

The Strawberry Body Fit

The Hourglass Body Fit

Last but not least, The Candle Body shape.


Italian people are obsessed with fashion, especially as it’s the birthplace of many designer brands like Armani, Gucci, Prada.
Italian fashion is about craftsmanship, quality and creativity. Over time, different regions have developed their own specialties – for example, leather goods in Tuscany, wool in Biella and silk in Como. You can find many fashion chains in big cities, however, we still tend to trust smaller local, independent boutiques more.


That's why we always wanted to bring Shapemoda here to Ireland and begin with a small market place. This way, we can slowly start introducing everyone to the concept of shopping for your shape instead of just your body size.

Body shape and Body size are two very different things but more on that later. 

The Italian women's fashion industry oozes creativity and design, and we see fashion as a way to distinguish ourselves from others. Each individual wants to dress in a unique way. Compared to a lot of other countries, people in Italy pay special attention to the way they dress. ‘La Bella Figura’ literally means beautiful figure, which is an essential philosophy that many Italians live by.


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